Saturday, September 4, 2010

Goodbye my love!

Well today is the day, the day that my husband has been preparing for for months. Tickets have been purchased, magazines have been analyzed for hours on end, blogs have been followed, tears have been shed, the cable has been expanded and all space on the DVR will now be filled (sorry Ruby). Today is the start of College football (technically it started on Thursday-watching the entire SC vs. Hawaii game replayed next to me in full pigeon).
After weighing my options, I have decided to join my husband, to some extent, on this 3 month expedition (really 5 month). Last year I could tell you the names of over 15 quarterbacks, the schools they played for, their deficits and strengths. This year I am pretty much caught up on the happenings over the summer, this stems from hours of watching College Game Day Live, and listening to their adjunct analyst who happens to live with me. I have learned that when someone on TV says the words, "Lane Kiffin" to just leave the room.
Ruby is also just as excited. Her UCLA Bruin stuffed animal is dressed and ready to go. And a lifelong hatred of USC has been unhealthy instilled in her by her hero. If she sees a person with a USC shirt on a little smirk will develop and she will say loudly, "Uh Oh, USC. Mom we better go, he has on USC!" If they come on TV she will run and hide. She knows that at USC there is no cake or ice cream, they are mean to their mothers and they don't know the rules.
So farewell Phill, we hope to meet up with you a time or two before Thanksgiving.


  1. I join you in widowhood. Only I get soccer twice a week as well. Complete with jersey-wearing, blogging, swearing, the use of "we" whenever referring to Liverpool soccer team.

    I remember the days when it was just American football. Sigh.


  2. Yes, it is a "we" here too. Sad thing is that Phill not an alum.

  3. I'm ready for you to come back to the blog world. Could you, should you, would you??